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Know the Hand Gestures in Windows Phone

Touch screen phone, long enough present in our midst. Windows Phone itself, which is based on a touch screen, the new relatively young age. Surely, this operating system is also adapted technology commonly used hand gestures on touch screen phones. This time we will discuss it, so we can recognize hand gestures in Windows Phone. […]

How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8

Data Backup is an obligation for every smartphone user today. Who wants to lose important data because no data backup careless for Windows Phone. For users of Windows Phone 8, data backup easier. Because the operating system Windows Phone 8 is already buried inherent features to perform data backup. Unlike the Windows Phone 7.x to […]

Changing the Email Signature on Windows Phone

Do you often send emails using Windows Phone device? If Yes, change email signature Windows Phone needs to be done. Yup, if you do not know, Windows Phone is a default signature “Sent from my Windows Phone ‘. It is for some people is very disturbing and seem less professional if it is a business […]

Android migration to Windows Phone?

If you are Android user and want to migrate to Windows Phone, but still confused about the availability of the application? do not worry, Microsoft made application called ‘Switch to Windows Phone’, an application that will help you to more easily migrate to the Windows Phone. ‘Switch to Windows Phone’ is a twin application is […]

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