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Things you should Know When Handling Phone Symbian (3)

17. Please be aware (care) or concerns about your phone and its technology. – Some people really ‘appreciate’ their phone technology, while some people just use the phone for sms, calls and camera. Actually, you need to ‘explore’ all that is on the phone so that you can not lie to others – including your […]

Things you should Know When Handling Phone Symbian (2)

7. If your computer is ‘broken’ – then you would format the computer again. Similarly, a Symbian phone – it can be in format if the ‘damaged’. – Yes. Symbian phone is also a computer. The evidence, it has a hard drive, RAM, ROM, kernel, and EXTERNAL DRIVE FIRMWARE. In contrast to the ‘format and […]

Things you should Know When Handling Phone Symbian (1)

You may accidentally ‘UNINTENTIONALLY’ a Symbian phone. Or maybe just your kind of people who like to follow trends and always use the latest gadgets to ‘emit an aura’ pride and status of ‘good people’ you. Or maybe you have a Symbian phone as a GIFT or win sweepstakes. But whatever your reason, know that […]

Using HDMI cables at the Nokia N8 and E7.

here show how to use the correct HDMI cable / Nokia N8 to be connected to the TV “Widescreen” 16:9 and a view of me, if possible, buy an HDMI cable is a bit expensive for the quality and durability are critical factors for the display and audio beautiful. Before following this tutorial, you […]

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