How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8

Data Backup is an obligation for every smartphone user today. Who wants to lose important data because no data backup careless for Windows Phone.

For users of Windows Phone 8, data backup easier. Because the operating system Windows Phone 8 is already buried inherent features to perform data backup. Unlike the Windows Phone 7.x to backup via PC, Windows Phone 8 device provides backup data services through a cloud You. To perform a data backup of Windows Phone 8, is very easy. Login to:

Settings -> system (scroll down) -> backup.

How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8

How to Backup Data on Windows Phone 8

Data Backup Windows Phone 8 what is provided by this feature?

List of applications that you install on Windows Phone.
Your call history.
Your theme color.
Account you have set up on the phone.
Your Internet Explorer favorites.
Settings of all your phone, including photos, messaging, email and account, location, Internet Explorer, screen locking, Speech, and others.


  1. Smartphones will wait for Wi-Fi connection to automatically backup. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi for a week, then the backup will be performed automatically using a cellular data connection.
  2. Backup application will retain the application is installed on a Windows Phone device you, but do not store any data associated with the application.
  3. Wise proverb says “ready umbrella before it rains, backup data before it loses”. So do not delay data backup Windows Phone 8

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