Know the Hand Gestures in Windows Phone

Know the Hand Gestures in Windows Phone

Know the Hand Gestures in Windows Phone

Touch screen phone, long enough present in our midst. Windows Phone itself, which is based on a touch screen, the new relatively young age. Surely, this operating system is also adapted technology commonly used hand gestures on touch screen phones. This time we will discuss it, so we can recognize hand gestures in Windows Phone.

To that previously did not use touch screen mobile phone, mobile phone type of this sounds a bit complicated. Though of course not. Because the phone is actually made by considering the natural hand gestures or movements humans. Functions were not far from what we used to do with a mouse on our computers. There is a click, no drag, no zoom, bring up the context menu, etc. So, there are any gestures in Windows Phone for those functions?

Do: Tap the screen once the phone on a particular object.
Functions: Opens or launches the associated objects. Similar to the click / click on the computer mouse.
Example: live tile, the submit button, login button, etc…

Double Tap
Do: Tap the phone screen twice quickly.
Function: zoom-in/zoom-out or zoom in / out in stages.
Example: Picture is being viewed in the Picture Hub.

Tap and hold
Do: Tap and hold the finger (not appointed) for a while.
Function: Opens the context menu associated with the object. Same with right click on the computer mouse.
Example: Tweet in the timeline rowi.

Do: Press and quickly move your finger in a certain direction on the mobile screen. Also known as swipe.
Function: Shifting quickly or page menu, and shift the pivot to the side in the main view.
Example: Display the main People Hub, or a filter option in applications like photo Lomogram.

Do so: Press the phone’s screen and slide your finger in the desired direction (finger still stuck on the screen).
Function: Shifting / moving objects on the screen is controlled
Example: Shift the image in the zoom-in position (enlarged) or shift the edit point tilt shift effect in Fhotoroom.

Pinch and Stretch
Do it: Place two fingers on the screen, then moving them together or stretch your fingers as if pinching / pinch or open. Sometimes referred to as pinch open or pinch close.
Function: zoom-in/zoom-out (enlarge / reduce) images or web pages in the browser.

Actually there are a few more gestures that can be used on Windows Phone. But these gestures are not widely used and only in some applications only. For example: rotate gestures edited tilt shift effect Photoplay.
Here is also a gesture which is not really a movement for a touch screen; because it deals with the three typical Windows Phone buttons. The key there is hard button (as in 710) and there is a soft button (Lumia 920, etc.).

Do it: Press a button on the phone once.
Function: Run the main function buttons.
Example: Pressing the Windows key brings us to the start screen.

Press and hold
Do it: Just like tap and hold, press any key on the phone and hold it for a moment.
Function: Running secondary functions that exist in the Keys.
Example: Press and hold the Back button will launch the Apps Switcher.

It was a hand gesture used in Windows Phone

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